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About PromoPOS

What is PromoPOS?

PromoPOS is a simple-to-use web tool, designed for the creation of professional retail signage in your Hardware and DIY store and will help you to inform customers and influence impulse buying.

Why use PromoPOS?

Today, more than ever, your customers are looking for value. Every day in supermarkets they are exposed to a myriad of promotions, pricing and special offers. It’s time to level the playing field! Only through effective point of sale can you clearly communicate to your customers the value and savings available at your store. PromoPOS, used regularly, will increase sales and profits.

How does PromoPOS work?

PromoPOS is a subscription service and gives you a licence to create unlimited signs for inside and outside your store. Once subscribed, you will be assigned a unique login and password and we will implement your store name and logo to appear on all signs.

Select from hundreds of ready-to-use printables; including posters, flyers, banners and shelf-edge displays, A4 and A5 posters and much more. You have a choice of doing various special offer templates and you can upload your own product images onto our poster templates. Finally, include your product details and/or special offer and then simply print to a standard desktop colour printer. All prints will include your store logo and you can even save your work into an archive for reuse.
No graphic design experience is necessary!

We can supply all the relevant sign holders including bus-stop signs for indoors and outdoors, A4 and A5 poster holders and different shelf-talker size holders. We can also provide high quality pre-cut paper for a professional finish.

Who uses PromoPOS?

PromoPOS can be tailored for larger multi-branch stores with most of the large groups already benefiting from this in-store marketing tool. PromoPOS is also currently being successfully used by independent hardware stores.  All you need is a web connection, a colour printer and the drive to promote value to your customers! Training by telephone is provided and is free of charge. Join our community today and you could be up and running within 24 hours.
Let PromoPOS be your silent 24/7 salesperson.

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